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At age five, 1954, "The Bishop" (Card. Stritch) stood over me and said, "Stop babbling about what Father Horne did to you." It took me 40 years to talk about it again. Now, I babble. - ke
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I stand by what I said

Altar boys were originally "Acolytes" in the Roman Mass, that would be at least 400 years past the time of Christ. The acolytes set up to pretty much do the priests' bidding, whatever they needed - and with celibacy this developed into altar boys, young adolescents who provided an outlet for celibate priests having trouble being celibate.

Read the stories from the 20th Century, how priests just helped themselves to altar boys between Masses, on outings, as if the youngsters were there just for the taking and services of the man of cloth.

So no, I think if a person really understands the depth and degradation of the organized crime that is the pedophile network in the Catholic Church, that you would not insult and further denigrate the crime victims by continuing to go to Catholic churches.

Become a Methodist, try out the Presbyterians, they are SO CLOSE to Catholic, without the secrecy and inherent sexual deviancy that goes with men taking an oath of celibacy. There is something evil at the very core there, and we crime survivors have had enough knives in our souls.

In fact it is an insult to me, seeing people continue to walk into Catholic Churches, especially with their numerous children in hand. . .

To me it belittles the crimes committed against me as well as all the altar boy, and altar "servers" (girls) and children of reverent families with vulnerable structures --

It is belittling to me, a crime victim, watching people continue entering and supporting the institution that perpetrated these thousands of crime. It belittles the crimes, makes them meaningless.

It belittles these HEINOUS crimes committed against us when people who KNOW about these crimes continue to go to that church.

Yes, there ARE other churches.

Pedophile priests are criminals who are indigenous to Roman Catholic church heirarchy and structure. That's why there are thousands of us who live with the collateral of these crimes -

there has never been any real justice -

AARGH it made me feel so. . . defeated, to see both Obama and McCain sitting on either side of Cardinal Egan of New York, his pudgy goofy-eyed smile throughout the event revealing the depth of the roots. Roman Catholic heirarchy are a network of little George Bushes, same goofy smiles, same front men standing up in public while the real crime goes on behind doors that are WAY closed.

Not just closed doors, steel encrusted gated tentacles that stretch into the courts, the media, the schools, local and national and international politics.

Truth is once we really root out the story of these pedophiles and those who protected them - we will also see all the other crime which they protected the pedophiles to prevent the public from seeing.

So No I am not going to quit this blog. . .


freaky homeschool mom said...

I hope you don't think I'm an idiot. I just wanted to explain why I'm still Catholic in spite of witnessing some not-so-Christian behavior in the past years.

I am still Catholic because I believe that (1)Jesus Christ Himself founded the Catholic Church 2000+ years ago.

I am still Catholic because I believe in all of Her teachings: True Presence, graces from the Sacramants, etc.

I am NOT Catholic because the people are holy. I am there for Jesus. Just Him. So although there are other denominations of Christianity, ALL broke off from the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the "Mother Ship", so to speak, so I shall remain Catholic and bring my kids to Mass....and exercise an across-the-board prudence about who they spend time with to keep them safe.

I completely understand how someone could leave the Church after a heinous experience. There are evil people in the Church, no doubt. There are also teachers who have molested students. Policemen who have molested children. PROTESTANT ministers who have molested children. It's not just a Catholic thing and it can't be blamed on celibacy.

The Church needs a cleaning but it won't die. "The gates of hell will not prevail against it" (Jesus said that). Don't give up on Jesus' Church because many of the people in it aren't good people. He is the invisible head of the Church. He is the one we will all answer to when all is said and done. Please don't let the pain keep you away. Go there for Him, not the person sitting next you, not the priest...but Him, who awaits you in the Blessed Tabernacle.

So...think I'm an idiot? :)

city of angels lady said...

No I don't think you are an idiot, but you are misinformed. Catholic priests had a special entry into people's spiritual and very personal lives and they abused it to get to children and rape them. It does not work in an analogy about police officers and teachers. It was use of those "blessed sacraments" to get to children and rape them. Sometimes police men rape prostitutes, I doubt there is any other comparison. Public school teachers do not have the private access a priest has. Please educate yourself. If you think Jesus is only found in the Catholic Church you are also very misinformed, in a very scary way. I feel for you.