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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are these people on Long Island behaving scandalously?


Signs like these below are too shocking for parishioners? I say where was their shock at priests raping children?

Actually I take issue with the above slogan, as nothing can murder my soul.

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Anonymous said...

yeah moderate all you want because i know you don't want any readers getting an honest impression of you and what you are, an anti-catholic deceiving scumbag kinda person. you destroyed a man reputation before he went on trial for this terrible act. you are being unfair and selfish. you whine about how the media doesnt show up and put you on the evening news..the biased media in this country also has something to say against the catholics so if they don't care about what you have to say they must think you're full of it too which saying alot. fr. dunphy is a kind man who many in the community look up to for guidance and leadership. his relationship with the youth has never been scrutinized. i have known father to help students apply and receive grants from the diocese to continue their catholic education throughout highschool since tuition has been on the rise...you want to call people from mount ephraim and south jersey..what if a bunch of people from another state showed up at your place of worship (i'm assuming a large satanic brothel on the edge of sussex county) with signs discrediting your leaders and throwing a fit because no media showed up..you wouldn't be angry? upset? there is more abuse of the court system then there will ever be in the catholic church.it is disgusting to see people treating the church in this way...if the accusations are true..let the judge say so and read the consequences, not some wanna be protestors who want media attention.1960s are over hippys, go back inside and stay outta jersey